A Chunky Handmade Merino Diy Blanket

Boosting up your interior

I love a creative interior space.

The place you live, dine, work etc. Your interior can effect your mental processing speed, concentration, quality of output. Your interior has to be for maximum comfort and productivity.

I love an interior that is so eye candy after a long day at work. There are so many different styles or different preferences that comes in interior decor.

A chunky Merino blanket

All over internet, Instagram and Pinterest I saw this chunky blanket. In different colors and materials. I was in love. Those chunky blankets look so beautiful and cozy.

The following questions comes to mind.

  • How do you make it?
  • What do you need?
  • How to integrate in your interior?
  • That cozy happiness feeling
  • Be creative

Since I love this blanket so much. I have decided to diy one myself.

     1.Buying the right yarn

Most important thing for making the diy chunky knit blanket is to have a good quality chunky yarn. You can purchase this at or They sell -high- quality Merino Wool. There yarn is super thick, chunky and so perfect for knitting diy Chunky blanket. For a big blanket you need 3 kilo of Merino wool.


     2. To get started

You have to unwrap your yarn. Diy Chunky blanket are made by arm knitting. You only need arms, Chunky yarn and patience. You have to unroll the yarn on the floor or big table. So you have a pile of wool in front of you. This is important  it will ensure you that the thread pulls easily. You have to start crocheting the simple crochet chain. You have to chain more freely than too tight.


     3. Knitting

You have to turn the chain to the side where you can see small loops in the middle part of the chain. they will become the other stitches. You will see or get the idea after ending your first stitches row. You work from right and then from the left side, pulling the long thread through each one of the first row stitches.

     4. Chunky Blanket

You have to repeat making the stitches row by row. So you create the length of the blanket. Count the stitches every row you knit. So you don’t miss a stitch. The stitches have to be the same size. They say practice makes perfect.

     5. Binding off the blanket

You’re chunky diy blanket is compleet. To finish off, you’ll need to bind off your chunky blanket. It is easier to binding off from the right side. Make your last row from knitting the stitches from left to right. You have to take the working yarn and pull through  two right stitches  at a time. You will have one stitch on hand only. Take that stitch in your hand, take the next one free stitch put it on hand so you again have two stitches. Pull the working yarn through both stitches and you are left again with one stitch. You have to repeat this process, until all the stitches are finished, and only one stitch remains. At the thread you have 8 inches of tail. Insert the tail inside the stitch and pull it tightly. Binding the blanket is done.

      6. The final touches

You can weave the tail through the holes of the chunky blanket. This is a neater finish. The thread becomes unnoticeable if you weave the top tail more to the top of the blanket. Do this also with the first row tail. You have to shake the blanket well. It will give the finishing shape.

And there it is YOUR very own diy Chunky Knit Blanket! How awesome is that


  1. Knitting a blanket takes longer than 45 minutes
  2. Wear short sleeves, so sleeves can interfere with the knitting and that can slow the process
  3. Tug and stretch the blanket during the knitting process so it doesn’t bunch up
  4. Take a break, knitting can make you feel exhausted. You don’t have to knit all in one go. Take a break with tea mug in your hands, you will get the energy and ready to start knitting again.

There are more ways to make a chunky blanket:

  • Knitting with giant needles
  • Knitting on your arms
  • Croucheting

    7. How to take care of your chunky knit blanket?

Merino wool is very delicate material. Merino wool is naturally antibacterial. If you spill something, remove with your hands or use a damp cloth.