Goals & Dreams
Goals & Dreams

Achieving your goals and dreams.

How to work on/achieving your goals?

  1. Try not to set too many goals.  Make a list what you want to achieve. start writing down on that list what you really want. This  list has to have goals which are very important and which ones are less. Make a list with only 5 goals. So you can focus more on the things that matters. Most of my goals are to do with accomplishing or changing a habit. Or maybe becoming better in what you want. For example I want to develop my Food photography more. I have to start making more pictures and learn more about Lightroom CC, Photoshop CC. I have to make a scedule when I am going to work on my Food photography. So I have to take more time to becoming a better Food photographer.
  2. Try to find a connection with the goals you have set. My goals are becoming a better photographer, working on my website where the main focus is on my recipes and food. Posting on Instagram and Pinterest sharing my pictures and posts. So I try to integrate all these aspects together to make it one goal.
  3. Stay focused!! That is the hard part. Staying focused to achieving you’re goals. You have to become motivated and determinated to get where you want to be. Sometimes I don’t have the time to make pictures because something else comes up. Or I am too tired. It becomes very difficult to work on your goals and staying on track. Take a step back and look what you need to focus better. You can break your goals in bite-size objectives to keep your mind on the process.
  4. I always write my goals down. Use a VisionBoard. It reminds me where I want to go. I write my goals in my Happy Planner or in my Bullet Journal, because I see and use them a lot. I look at them every day. In my bullet Journal I write my dialy/diary week. I write down what I have done to get closer in achieving my goals and what my focus point is for the next day. So I can be accountable to my goals and myself.
  5. Take time to reflect or review your goals. Take time to one day in the week to have feedback or reflect how it is going. Try to see where you didn’t do so well, where you failed. Try to make a plan, so that it doesn’t happen again. Try to accomplish one or two small objectives. The goals have to stay meaningful to you. You ar reworking on mini-goals that will create stepping closer to your goals.
  6. You have to know WHY you want to accomplish the goals you set. The goals you set are personal goals, not for anybody else. You are doing this for yourself not because somebody else told you. They are you’re reasons, they need to be personal and emotional connected to what you want to achieve. ” I want to be a better (Food) photographer .”

If you follow these 6 tips you will achieve your goals better! Make your goals smaller so you can move forwards to larger life goals.

Get Started!

  1. Write down your goals
  2. Create a plan
  3. Manage your time efficient 
  4. Small objectives towards the main goal
  5. Analyse your progress on a weekly basis
  6. Stay motivated, if you want it badly enough
  7. Keep going, never give up!
  8. SMART: Specific-Measurable-Attainable-Relevant-Time bound

I always wanted to start my own Website. I thought it was too difficult. I wrote down what I wanted to achieve with my website. So I made a plan. What did I need to start a website? At first I needed to educate myself. What are the steps to building your own website? I was focused, motivated and determined to do this. It was a struggle. I looked at other persons website and thought that mine looked terrible. Its all about you, don’t measure yourself with others. I made my website all by myself. Nobody helped me, I did it!! My goal is partly achieved. Now my goal is too write posts or blogs. That is the second step. You can’t do everything at the same time. Goals & Dreams

Here are some tips that helped me.

  • Always think positive
  • Have patience
  • Include friends/family in your progress
  • keep track of your progress
  • Make your goals smaller
  • Take it one step at a time
  • Reward yourself
  • Write your goals down and reflect
  • Get organized
  • Find someone with the same goals & work togetherGoals & Dreams

Here are some goals:

  • Career – What do you want to achieve?
  • Finance – How much do you want to earn?
  • Education – What kind of knowledge do you want to achieve/ acquire? What kind of skills?
  • Family – How to be a better parent? How to spend more time together?
  • Artistic – What do you need to be creative?
  • Attitude – Is there something pulling you back? The fear of not being good enough.
  • Physical – How to get a healthy lifestyle?
  • Pleasure – How to enjoy yourself?
  • Public service – How do you want to help others?