Bullet Journal #Bujo
Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal # BUJO

What is a Bullet Journal?

It’s a notebook where you can write, draw, put photos in. I use the Leuchttrum1917 bullet journal notebook. They are in different colors. In the Leuchttrum1917 there is a Manual tells you how to get started. Usualy I start with the opening page, the New Month.

Here are 5 tips to get you started:

1. Start for example with a New month.

2. To get inspired watch YouTube or go to Pinterest to see different lay-outs and creative pages.

3.Don’t forget Instagram.

4.Don’t think that you are doing it wrong. Or that others do it better than you. It’s your journal.

5.Be proud what you create.

You can customize your Bullet Journal to your style. You can minimalize or go over the top. By using washitape, calligraphy, stampt, doodles, handlettering and more.


A Bullet Journal is a journal where you write your ideas, appointments, to do list, Diary. You can personalize the way you want it. A Bullet Journal is basically a planner customized by your hands.