Bullet journal march
Bullet Journal

Bullet Journaling 12 & 13 March 2019

Bullet Journaling

This is my March daily log. I used photo from my Instagram account and printed them with my HP Sprocket mini printer. I used stamps on white Paper. Black paper and write with a white gelly pen the date and day.


A Bullet Journal is basiccaly a planner. It helps me to stay organized. You can keep track of: Movies you wanna watch, excercise, personal goals, books you wanna read, diy projects, important memories, travel ideas and use it as a Diary like I do.

What kinda supplies do you need to get started?

Leuchttrum1917 Hardcore Medium Dotted journal. This size is perfect, it’s not to big & not to small. All sort of pens, ballpoint pen, colored pens, fineline tippen pens, stickers, photos, stamps and pictures from magazines. I also use Tombow Dual Brush markers. You have to experiment what works for you.

My Bullet Journal

In my Bullet Journal I use a daily or weekly spread. And use it as a dairy. I write down the things I have done that day or I want to remember. You can use every month another theme or set up. It’s all up to you. I love how my daily set up turned out. What do you think!


Bullet journal marchBullet journal march