High Tea- Food Diary
Food Diary

Food Diary Monday 18 March 2019

High Tea with my friends

I was invited to a High Tea party with friends. The table was beautifully decorated. Each of us brought something for the High Tea. I made Oreo chocolate truffles and chocolate brownies. The food and the High Tea-Food Diarystory’s where fabulous. Laughing and enjoying good food what a great combination. It was such a cool afternoon. We have to do this more.High Tea-Food Diary

High Tea-Food Diary

What is High Tea?

High Tea is sitting down for an afternoon treat of tea. High tea is a meal you eat between lunch and  diner time. A cup of tea with little small desserts. You can organize a High Tea yourself and invite special friends over.

What kind of props do you need?

You need to decorate the table with beautiful plates, glasses, napkins, a tiered cake stand, a table cloth, cutlery, tea mugs, gorgeous flowers and little gifts for your friends to welcome them to your High Tea.

What kind of little small desserts to serve?

Think of sandwiches, wraps, all sorts of tea flavor, cake, sweet treats, scones, chocolate, champagne, orange juice little pies or tarts. You can choose anything you think will be good to eat with a High Tea. There aren’t rules when it comes to food. Here are some pictures of High tea desserts. High Tea-Food Diary

High Tea-Food DiaryHigh Tea-Food Diary High Tea-Food Diary

High Tea-Food Diary

Food Diary remembering memories

Writing down my food story’s  in a food diary is a good way to remember all my memories regarding to good food moments with family & friends. Many happy memories in my life has a lot to do with enjoying food with great people. Trying new food, expanding your horizon.

A place to visit for a great High Tea experience.

I’ve you are in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) you have to visit a very cool museum. It’s called the Handbag museum or in Dutch Het Tassenmuseum. They have a very cool  stylish High Tea arrangement.  The High Tea is served in a style room from the Golden Century. The interior is epic. Their High tea is one of the best in Amsterdam. This museum is all about Bags and Purses, very cool.  https://tassenmuseum.nl 


High Tea-Food Diary