My Olympus Pen E-LP7 camera
My equipment

My Olympus Pen E-PL7 Camera

My first camera

My first camera is the Olympus Pen E-PL7. What a cool and stylish camera this is. The first time i saw this camera it was on YouTube. A blogger was telling how she liked this camera for blogging but also the amazing pics that you could make. This camera was called the fashion/ blogger camera. I just started on Instagram. I didn’t know nothing about how to use a camera and camera settings.

My first pictures

My first pictures on Instagram where taken with my IPhone. They where not so bad. When i finale knew how the camera worked. The pictures became much better. I didn’t know anything about ISO, to shoot in Manual, Shutterspeed or Aperture. I am just an amateur. But by doing it and don’t being afraid of making mistakes I learned a lot. You create your own photography style.

Camera body and lens

I bought the camera body and the lens separate. Usualy there is a lens with the camera, standard lens. But I heard that the 45 mm lens was a very good lens for shooting fashion, portrait and foodphotography. The camera has a flipscreen, so you can see what you are photographing. And also a touchscreen that makes it easy to navigate.

Why do I love this camera?

The camera body isn’t so big. It is easy to take the camera with you. You can wear it crossbody. It just looks like a fashion accessoire. Yeah, I know right!! The menu is easy to manage. You can Connect your iPhone with the camera. So you can take a pic and download it to your photo library on your iPhone and set the photo on Insta. Love that WiFi connect. It is just a cuts, cool, camera to have. I love it!

My Olympus Pen E-LP7 camera

My Olympus Pen E-LP7 camera