Quick easy snack

Quick Easy Snack

Favorite snack of mine

This quick easy, simple snack is one of my favorite snack. It doesn’t take so much time to make. You only need two ingredients. An Apple and peanutbutter.

Energy Boost

This snack gives you a energy boost. I usualy need this quick snack when I feel all the energy is drained out of me. When the man with a big hamer gives you a visit. In Dutch wanneer je de man met de hamer tegenkomt. You can’t do anything anymore.

Apple with Peanutbutter

Slice the Apple in round slices. Take a big scoop of peanutbutter and lay that on top of the sliced apple. Another alturnative is to use cinnamon if you don’t like peanutbutter.


Then you have to sit down take a deep breath and enjoy your quick easy snack.

Quick easy snack

Quick Easy Snack

This is a quick and easy snack to boost up your energy. Cut the Apple in round slices. Put a great amount of peanutbutter on top of the Apple slices. If you don't like peanutbutter you can use cinnamon. Sit down and enjoy your Quick Easy Snack.
Voorbereidingstijd 5 min
Totale tijd 5 min
Gang Tussendoortje
Porties 1 Person
calorieën 200 kcal


  • 1 Apple
  • 1 Cup Peanutbutter