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Mac ipad 2018

last Christmas I received a very cool present from my hubby. A Mac ipad 2018. The design is cool and thin. I got the golden color. This ipad  helped my to do more with my drawing. I watched Some tutorials what you can do with this iPad. I also bought a Mac pencil, because I saw the Procreate app. What a cool app!  Yes, this drawing app is really the bomb.

Procreate app

I love this drawing app. This app has all ready pencils and brushes installed. You can also create your own brushes. I created my becreativepop logo wit the Procreate app. You can use this drawing app for Handlettering, paint drawings, aquarel,sketching, doodeling, animation etc. My drawing has gotten a New boost.

Drawing in Procreate

I saw a tutorial on YouTube with Holly Pixels. She  created this style of cartooning a photo. So I try to create a cartooning photo as well.  She expained it so easy. So this is my version.


With this app you can experiment with different pencils, brushes and colors. So this is a sketch of myself. It’s not finished yet. You can store your drawings in your gallery. So you can change the drawings when ever you want.

Procreate- creativity