tulip fields- travel

Tulip fields in the Netherlands

Beautiful Tulip fields in the Netherlands

One of the things on my photographs bucket list was pictures of me in a flower field. I saw the most beautiful pictures on Instagram of flower fields in my own country. I felt a little bit silly because those fields where not so far from my home. I really didn’t need  to travel so far. The Netherlands has got the most and best amazing flower fields ever. So during my Springbreak my hubby and I went on a road trip. We where determent to find a great spot where we could take amazing shots. We where also checking out places with no tourist or many people. And yes, we did find a cool spot. It was magical only us two and the flowers. The weather was awesome. The sun and a breeze off wind. I think I shot around 150 pictures. My camera was clicking away!

Places to check out:

  1. Noordwijk & Sassenheim
  2. Enkhuizen & Andijk
  3. Limmen https://www.hortus-bulborum.nl
  4. Lisse  https://www.famflowerfarm.com
  5. Keukenhof https://www.keukenhof.nl


The flower season starts from march till the middle of may. This flower season is called the Tuliptime, Tulpentijd. The Netherlands is so beautiful especially around Springtime. The fields are so colorful and they are magical in every word.


The tulips are the famous national symbol of the Netherlands. The tulip comes original from Central-Asia. Nomad took this flower to Turkey, and wore them on their turban. So the tulip got his name the ‘tulipan.’ The tulip was introduced in the 16th century in the Netherlands. They where very populair among the ladies in waiting. When you give someone tulips, you are sending a message. Red tulips stands for Love. White tulips for forgiveness or if you want to say ‘I am sorry’. A bouquet of different colors of tulips stands for elegance and giving someone a compliment. This flower is no doubt good for any occasion. Good to know!!

Be Careful

The flower fields are owned by farmers. It is not the intention to walk through the fields. You could Destroy the flowers. A lot of people want to take pictures in the middle of those fields. Just to get the perfect picture. Ask the farmer if that is possible. Or check on line if there are fields you can walk through or pick flowers. There are tulip route by car, bicycle and route to walk.

tulip fields-travel

tulip fields-travel

tulip fields- travel

tulip fields- travel