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Vision Board

A Vision Board is a tool to focus on what you want. It helps you what you want for yourself in the future so that you can work to your goals. Vision Boards helps when you visualize you are living the moment in your mind. Vision Boards helps turn dreams into goals.

How do you make a Vision Board?

  1. Decide how you gonna display your board. Choose what will work for you. Perhaps a poster, screensaver, cork board or a white board. So you can see your board everyday.
  2. Work on long term goals or short term goals. Long term can me a marathon you want to run and a short term goal can be organizing. your closet. Focus on what is important. Dream Big.
  3. Gather images: look in magazines or your own photos that represents your goals and dreams.
  4. Create a layout for example make photos into group ereas. Home/family, wellness, hobbies or personal.
  5. Personalize add drawings, notes
  6. Display, find a place/location to display your Vision Board. Where you will see it everyday!
  7. Take action, start doing it to make those goals & dreams reality.

Continue adding photos, images, qoutes. Keep building on your dreams!

The following questions can help you more in realizing your Vision Board better.

  • What can I use for my vision Board?
  • How can I use my Vision Board?
  • Do I have to update my Vision Board?
  • Can I have more than one Vision Board?

What can I use for my Vision Board?

On your Vision Board have to be things that motivates you and give you positive energy.

How to use your Vision Board?

You have to see your board. Above your desk on your workplace. Use it as your computer wallpaper. You have to look often to your Vision Board, look at the images and feel your dreams & goals.

How often do I have to update my Vision Board?

It’s a process. If it doesn’t work remove the images from your board and find something else that really works for you.

Can I have more than one board?

It’s totally up to you. But it can create confusion. Stick in the beginning to one board. If it works you can consider creating boards for special goals.

Sources of inspiration are magazines, Pinterest, Google image search, postcards, photography etc.

Here are a vieuw dreams & goals you can start with:

  • Home/interior
  • Your ideal website or Blog
  • Lifestyle, how you want it to look like
  • Your ideal mindset, how you want to feel.
  • Material stuff you want/wishlist
  • Qoutes that inspire you.
  • Love, Nature/food/brands
  • Books you need to read
  • Travel, where do you want to go, be realistic!
  • Fitbody goals
  • Running goals

How to get started?

  1. Cut up magazines and find the pictures, images, words that inspires you. Think of brainstorming.
  2. You have to ask yourself some questions: What makes me happy? What do I want to accomplish/goals? What do I want my life to look like? Use a time frame, when do I want to accomplish those dreams & goals.
  3. Select 30 or 40 images or words.
  4. Use markers. You can highlight or write on the images. Think of quotes, song lyrics.
  5. Place your Vision Board in a place you will see it constantly to remind you of your goals & dreams.

Give it some time! It want happen overnight. Be positive!!